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25 Nov, 2012

Slim 65yo granny gets a wood

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Brad the Serbian mom’s assistant is a such an irreplaceable and reliable guy, every mature woman dreams about. He can fix anything in the house or… pleasure serve an old saggy cunt.

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Katrina is a very horny 55yo mom, who’s using various dirty tricks to get a younger guy into her bed. What a crazy mature bitch!

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10 Feb, 2011

Fat Mom Gets Fucked

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When Brad found out that husband of this fatty blond mom has to stay of his work for a few more hours, he did what any young granny lover with a cock would do. He fucked this busty mature lady right on the family couch. He gave her a fuck that she’ll never forget. She hasn’t been fucked like that since he was 20. Brad pounded her saggy pussy from just about every direction and made her to moan of pleasure. This lady may be older, but she still has sexual needs and Brad was more than willing to take care of them today.

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06 Feb, 2011

Cute Soccer Babe

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All European and Latin American men have one trait in common. It’s the endless passion for soccer and sexy chicks. So if you are a soccer fan and you aren’t a gay (otherwise you won’t be browsing this blog ;)), you definitely have to look at this smoking hot blonde in soccer uniform as she striping right in from to the goal line and show off her amazing body, yummy tits and sweet pussy!

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04 Feb, 2011

Divorced Granny Got Fucked

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This granny just met this younger guy at an online dating site, and… now she’s over his house sucking his cock. She’s had lots of practice over the years and gives this horny dude a blowjob that he won’t be forgetting. He returns the favor and goes down on her, licking her until her old pussy getting wet and ready for his hard cock. She’s practically begging for him to fuck her when he finally slides his dick into her. He slams her saggy pussy, fucking her like her ex-hubby never did, giving her almost completely forgotten feelings.

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03 Feb, 2011

Nubile Katusha Sucks Outdoors

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Nubile Katusha is one of those spoiled bitches who get crazy of sex. She can do it all the day long, everywhere and with everybody… guys, chicks it doesn’t really matter for her. Katusha simple can’t live a single day without a good orgasm. This time she got naked and sucked her boyfriend dry right in the public park. What a a nasty whore!

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22 Oct, 2010

Old grandma Lucie sucks a younger rod

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Lucie was an elderly mom who looked very near to a shabby bitch, always on the prowl for fresh meat. This horny slut has called Brad over her house to make him repair her broken radiator. That old lady was here after his meat, that was pretty clear. Brad imagine her slender mature body and sexy attitude, and the knoll in his trousers increased with every second. Once he was finished, the crazy mature chick unleashed her internal whore and begged to eat Brad’s penis. You cannot say no to a lady who’s older than you, can you? Lucie sucked Brad’s ramrod as if it was the last damn ramrod on earth.

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18 Sep, 2010

Sexy Granny Natalia

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Meet this old mom from Ukraine, her name is Natalia or Natasha for her friends. She lives alone and her life is not very easy. The granny wants to get some extra money and this is the reason why she has decided to pose for adult sites. She was a little bit shy but I think you will enjoy mature Natalia’s first modeling experience.

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31 Aug, 2010

Busty Teen Gets Fucked

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The other night this cute girl went over to the apartment of a guy she met in the night club. She had no idea who he was, she just thought that he was a student. She was going to ask him to help with her door-lock but the dude had some other plans… He was looking forward to being a lone with this busty nubile chick. He had been watching her for a while now and couldn’t wait for her visit… The girl was shy at first, but it wasn’t long before she was ready for sex. Actually she hasn’t seen a lot of cooks during her life and she couldn’t hide the fact that she was very excited. The guy helped her to pull her clothes away, spread her sexy legs wide and… Click here to watch the rest of this story on video.

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15 Jul, 2010

Nasty Outdoor Swinger Party

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These swingers are like rabbits. They are ready to fuck every time, everywhere and with everyone. Old and young, slim and fat, hairy and bald, top managers and rednecks… They don’t care about public opinion. The only thing they need is a nasty gang-bang with as many persons as possible.

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Some of these horny fuckers even don’t care to use condoms. Swingers willingly shoot themselves on video and post it on the Internet because they just love to being watched by others.

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